Are you still IN THE BOX of the MATRIX???

How Do I become National instead of a corporate "citizen"??


Being free SHOULD be as natural as life itself. IT IS YOUR BIRTH RIGHT!! However, Due to efforts by hidden agendas and shadowy entities we have been unknowingly enslaved across the planet via hidden adhesion contracts.

The GOOD NEWS is that you can CLAIM YOUR BIRTHRIGHT back again by taking the proper steps to dissolve these contracts and claim it back to you as a LIVING man or woman.

Legions of live men and woman all across planet earth are teaming up together to take back what is rightfully theirs endowed by their Creator. The ANPC Teams having worked very hard to bring you some of the best tools that are a results of this awesome research and teamwork.

We Trust these tools can help you make a big leap in your journey to Peace and FREEDOM.


This is an important part of this process....but NOT ALL....more info to come later as it is completed. This process can be of help to you down the road so get it finished now if possible.


Perfected Title Process:

Authenticate a state certified copy of your Birth Certificate for "travel".

You will need to PERFECT this title to become a peaceful inhabitant on the land. This includes taking ownership of BOTH the fictitious name AND the authenticated BC as well as getting your new standing into the databases.

ANPC offers a simple do-it-yourself E-Package with templates to complete, print and mail to accomplish this.


It is a quick way to obtain more of the FREEDOM which is your BIRTHRIGHT!




Another VERY important aspect is to own a Silver Bullion or "freeholders" bond. This gives you ASSET BACKED protection and you become a freeholder "holder of "real property" (which can be anything including your own body and that of your children.) the standing of a true Freeholder is very high. To learn more, follow the link below.

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