SECURITY NOTE!  Before applying for ANPC services, you need to pass the MEMBER SCREENING- (CLICK HERE). Once that step is complete you will apply for the private nation membership ID. After you become an official member, you will receive a link to the applications for different services as well as access to members platforms, calls etc. This helps us better protect our members as we have had some unfortunate past encounters with those who wished harm and thus must try to better protect each of you.

We have special requirements for potential members. This is a fairly comprehensive live consultation that helps members understand more fully what it means to become a private American National and helps us customize a package to your specific needs.

Once you complete the requirements, you can immediately move into obtaining the Member ID Card and other services according to your needs. 

Note: Pre-1933 Morgan Silver Dollars are also accepted as a medium of exchange for those who choose.

What people are saying:

"I have been on my quest for American National info, and I see I am finally on the right path with the right people. The hosts of the conference, and the information I am studying has a lot of depth and brings clarity to so many questions I have had. I genuinely recommend everyone make this investment. You will just feel immediately you made a great choice 😊  Gabriella C."

"Awesome course thank you for the opportunity! Raya El"

"After taking The ANPC prep course, I have a greater comprehension on the various subjects that I have been a little cloudy about. My husband and I are looking forward to moving towards our FREEDOM.  I have encouraged a few friends to take this course.  Thank you, A'Tara El"

"I enjoyed the experience of the ANPC and Exam due to the fact it assisted so much in me elevating in those areas that I most needed advancement at and the exam was the result of how much the information provided within the course was beneficial. Thanks for the experience. Sango RaEl"

"This course opened my eyes to certain facts every human should know.  Whether you have some experience on these topics or you are new to this way of life the course is definitely worth it taking! S. Spencer"

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