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ANPC International Peace Flag

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ANPC International nation is a private assembly of people organized as a Nation of self-governing men and women. We are a peaceful, diplomatic grassroots Nation having its own International Charter, Peace Treaty, Constitution, Rules of conduct and having adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. These Treaties have been Registered by International Notice to the Hague and World Court as well as other agencies worldwide. The entire goal and mission of ANPC is WORLD PEACE and economical freedom for all peoples of the world, focusing on a peaceful gathering together of all peoples and nations, connecting us back to our ancestral roots and the wise use of our local resources to better economical structures worldwide. Our members vow to live Peacefully on the land, striving always to help their fellowman and thus create a better world today and for future generations.


ANPC International Theme Song-ONE SONG

ANPC International Vision for Humanity

#-PrivateEquity  #-TrustAssetProtection  #WeThePeopleFreedom



1.All exchanges, appointments, licenses etc  within this self-governing association are PRIVATE between parties and not subject to public domain or jurisdiction. All contributions are also private exchange between parties and are in lawful money, goods or services. ANPC International nation works as a church-controlled association under IRS Rule 508(c)(1)(a) having a mandatory exception and is therefore, (i) not subject to administration by any probate court or other court system, (ii) continues to be in full force and effect, and (iii) cannot be revoked.

2. It has come to our attention that other groups have been issuing private American National Tags and ID cards using American National People of the Creator's Authentication Documents to verify them. Please be aware that this will not work. Only the tags/travel cards with the authentic American National People of the Creator’s seal are the true documents with the authentication behind them. If you have any private document with a different seal including but not limited to NSEA seal the authentication documents by American National People of the Creator WILL NOT WORK and using them for these unauthorized documents may put you in harm’s way!


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