Silver Bullion Bond


What is a Silver Bullion bond? A silver bullion or "freeholders" bond is a bond backed by twenty-one dollar silver coins minted prior to the 1933 bankruptcy. This silver minted prior to this time is really all that stands between the people and the public debt.  It is very important to hold this and file it in your county locally as it can be used as a real asset bonding, as backing to bond any claim, (i.e. on cases, homes, children etc) and per the Coinage Act, it trumps any "Bond" in fiat that any corporate entity or court attempts to place on your name.  All courts are "Banks" and NOT JUSTICE CENTERS as we are led to believe. These "Banks" can only "Charge" bankrupt entities or DEBTORS. That is why they place "CHARGES" on you. The charges ARE NOT about any so called "CRIME" but are all about how much they can "Charge" the bankrupt strawman DEBTOR. When a living individual comes in with a Silver Bullion Bond it is proof that they are now FULLY SOLVENT and not a DEBTOR to be "Charged".

Due to high levels of inquiry as to where to purchase silver coins pre-1933, we are including a link to a company that many of our members buy from. We are not affiliated with any seller, but simply list it as one source: