**IMPORTANT UPDATE!   As we, the people known as ANPC International continue to grow and advance in our operations as a private Nation, we continue to make changes and corrections that will better serve our nation community as a whole. To maintain our nations upkeep, the Implementation of a required member contribution to from All members who want to remain active is one of these changes implemented to make us stronger and give each member a cutting edge with a Mandatory Exception using the Rule IRC §508 (c) 1 a. This is highly important for our community as we continue to face growing Pressures in our day to day lives from greedy Corporations who very obviously have no concern for the individual or their family's welfare. 


IMPORTANT: Your contribution must be submitted before your questionnaire can be accepted.

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Premium Value

Membership Pkg*

   $475 full pkg 

*Then $216 recurring annual membership

Level:  Premium PMA Nation Member

*VALUE Pkg Includes:

1. Full year Membership ($216 Value),

2. 5 Year Nation ID ($245 Value)

3. Full Half Hour Consultation ( $156 Value) 

to get you started.

Member Benefits:

1. Protections Available to Private Member Associations

2. Access to Our Private Member Services Page

3. Access to our 24/7 Live Member Chat Support Group

4. Access to our Health Advocates Support Group

5. Access to our Private Members Marketplace

6. Access to Basic Monthly Live Member calls

7. Access to Direct chat with an ANPC Team member

8. Access to Exclusive Nation Recordings

9. Additional Valuable Content and documents

10. New ANPC Members Initial Introductory Consultation

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